How to legally move to Canada – find out the visa categories as an immigrants

Among the developed countries, Canada attracts the maximum number of visitors through the atlas. Canada has one of the largest land areas and abundant natural resources. Canada is at the forefront of technology and has a vast service industry that thrives with great business opportunities.

Canada is one of the most favourite places to migrate because it provides equal opportunities for all, the best reward, excellent quality of life, the best health facilities, multicultural society and many ’employment’ opportunities.

There are two main types of visas issued by the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration:

1. The temporary visa covers visitor, student, work, care, and wife visas.
2. The permanent visa covers visas for eligible investors and commercial and commercial investors and the family.

These two categories have their qualification criteria and selection procedures. Some prerequisites are a clean criminal record, experience, education, age and language. There are also additional specific requirements that depend on the desired category and program.

Temporary visa

Visit visa for six months. It may be extended, subject to the approval of the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. Each year, 30 million people visit Canada in the form of tourists, students and temporary workers to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the country. Every year, 95,000 students from all over the world come to study in Canada. The best part of a student visa is that it allows you to work on campus. A temporary work permit is only issued when you have work on hand. The employer must obtain approval from Human Resources and Skills Development, Canada.

Permanent residence visa

As part of the business immigration program, the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration invites entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world to invest and live in Canada. According to the eligibility criteria, business immigrants must spend 800,000 Canadian dollars and must have some experience and have some net worth.

The family visa program aims to reunite the entire family. Under this program, a permanent resident can take care of their families to live and settle in the country. There are specific provisions under which family members can be invited only and not all relatives.

As a federal program for skilled workers, Canada attracts skilled workers from all over the world in various fields by providing good wages, quality food life, free education, etc. The Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration has published a list of 29 professions seeking applications from professionals from all over the world. A family visa for five years during which the immigrant can apply for citizenship and settle with his family after three years.