Jobs in Australia – Another Great Reason For Moving to Australia

As the world’s major industrialized nations struggle to deal with the precarious situation of the global economy, Australia has mostly emerged unharmed. With the unemployment rate hovering around 5.4%, Australia is in much better shape than other developed countries in the world. For example, the unemployment rate in England is 8.0%, France is 9.7%, and the United States is 9.9%. Reduced unemployment means finding jobs in Australia is easier.

Job Opportunities

Immigrants settle in Australia in record numbers, mainly because they want to take advantage of excellent job opportunities. Little has changed in Australia in recent years. Australia’s unemployment rates have remained somewhat low over the past decade. Australia has been and remains a favourite destination for skilled workers and professionals seeking to migrate to a country where the quality of life is better. Also, the Australian Department of Immigration estimates that there are still a large number of vacancies and made great efforts to create a list.

The list of critical occupations, published by the Australian Ministry of Immigration, details the most popular professions. Among the highest businesses ranked health workers. From surgeons to nurses, health workers benefit from a meagre unemployment rate and top job satisfaction. Expatriates with health qualifications are settled in Australia in record numbers. Many of them have visited Australia before to increase their education and training as part of their study abroad programs. The positive experiences they gathered in Australia did not leave them and decided to return permanently at a later time.

For willing immigrants without skills in the list of critical occupations, not all is lost. Thousands move to Australia every year after finding jobs in the areas that are most suitable for them but not yet listed.

Some people wonder how Australia can consistently record these low unemployment rates year after year. Australia is a vast national territory. Although Australia’s total area makes it the sixth-largest country in the world, its population is small. Australia ranks 55th in terms of population. This means that there is plenty of room for growth and that good jobs in Australia should remain available for many years to come.