Relocating for work – Find out why Manchester, UK is the perfect destination

Manchester is a city in the north-west of England. The city had a reputation for being an industrial centre but has turned into one of the most sought after places to live in the whole of the UK.

City Centre

Manchester’s bustling city centre is marked by Piccadilly Gardens. This large square contains springs and many listed buildings. The parks are located on Market Street, a shopping street with numerous shops. Of particular interest is the northern part of the city. This area is known for its small shops and cafés as well as music and nightlife.


Manchester was once known as an industrial city, but that reputation has come and gone. The city has lost its reputation and has become a commercial city. Rapid developments have led to Manchester’s transformation into a service economy. The main industries are finance and banking, insurance, education and law. The job market is growing rapidly and provides more jobs in Manchester than ever before.


Manchester has an accessible transport network. It is easy to walk around the city centre on foot. However, if necessary, Metrolink provides mass transit for passengers. Metrolink has two lines in use at the moment, but there are plans to add additional lines in the future. The city also uses city trains as well as buses. There are maps of the entire city to provide information to visitors and citizens. Manchester Airport is located in the south of the city and has easy access to the city centre by bus and train. In the future, there are plans to connect to Metrolink.


If you have not heard, the city has one of the largest, if not the largest, football clubs in the world. Manchester United play Trafford at Old Trafford, a football stadium that seats over 70,000 people. Along with Manchester United, the city is home to Manchester City. This prospective team plays at the City of Manchester Stadium and is now one of the best teams in the Premier League. Manchester also hosts international tournaments featuring cricket, rugby and lacrosse.


Some call Manchester a university city because it has two of the largest universities in all of England. Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University offer students the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects. Multiculturalism has increased the need for language schools in the city and now it is easy to find these schools throughout the school.